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Percorsi storico epistemologici per la scuola superiore

No. 5 (2021): L'ecosistema Terra è fuori equilibrio

La nascita del concetto di gas: Un percorso didattico

25 February 2022


This study programme was developed at the A. M. Enriques Agnoletti Scientific High School and it is the result of the collaboration of four natural science teachers. It was directed to students specializing in mathematics and applied sciences of the second year classes (age range 15-16 years).
Teamwork at the planning stage, compresence during class activities and a shared analysis of results obtained are characterising elements of the action research method which our department of natural science has been committed to for several years.
The concept of gas was introduced by making observations about the materiality of air. In fact, prior knowledge of the latter, in this age group, should not be taken for granted. On the basis of these observations, a study path was initiated through narration and simple experiments, enabling pupils to recreate the history of the process which led early
chemists to the discovery of fixed air. This approach to the study of chemistry is profoundly different from the classic method used in textbooks insofar as its objective is to encourage pupil - teacher interaction in the realisation of concepts and does not limit itself to providing ready-made definitions.


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